Friday, June 26, 2009

Leon Kompowsky

When I was ten I hated shoes. Not the wearing of, of course, and well, maybe hate is too strong a word. Certainly I wasn't excited by the prospect of new shoes, and so on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my main present to find a shoe box, I was confused and slightly disappointed (ungrateful, I know). I pretended to love my new shoes when my mum giggled and informed to look inside. I opened the box and there lay Michael Jackson's History double CD. I pretty much hit the roof and spent the rest of the day, and rest of the next few years, listening to nothing else.

A sad and strange day.


Steph said...

Does anyone actually call you Drew?

Drew. said...

I get Drewby, Scooby Doo, Drubaru and the occasional plain 'Drew'.

Steph said...

You're still in my phone as 'Husband'
(& Husband you shall remain.)

Drew. said...

Another one of my popular nicknames. That Jeffrey McDaniel poem was awesome, I feel so uncool for having not known him.

Aaron said...

Please not that no one calls him drew.
He refers to himself as Drewbie.

Drew. said...

Aaron knows things.